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Many Shades of Green ~ Artisanawear Scarves and Wraps 

My New has Just Launched... An On-Line Marketplace of Handmade, Eco Friendly Goods From my Workroom / Studio, Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, USA.

Among My Offerings: Artisanawear ~ Fashion Accessory Big Scarves, Long Scarves, Extra Long Scarves and Wraps

L-R: Eco Friendly Scarf C, Long Fringed Scarf G, Safari Print Scarf E

Distinctive, Way-Green Fashion Accessory Scarves and Wraps Handmade from Recycled Textiles and Fabrics, Reclaimed Apparel, with Remnant or Vintage Trims. All Ingredients are Hand Selected and Individually Sourced... Pre-Washed and Shrunken, and Washed Again. A Fine Arts Background, and a Life-Time Engulfed in Fabrics and Textiles is the Impetus for Searching out Just the Right Combinations of Color, Tone, Pattern, Texture, Flavor, and Drape. The Realization of One Scarf May be Dependent upon Finding, say, That Certain Shade of Blue Silk, or a Specific Black and White Print to Complete the Mix.

So, We are Talking 5-6 Skirts and Dresses, Fabric Remnants and Maybe 20 Yards of Trims per Scarf!

L-R: Long Plisse Scarf W, Long Turquoise Scarf EE, Polka Dot Print Scarf Y

Each Artisanawear Scarf or Wrap is Unique, and One of a Kind. In a Myriad of Color Combinations, Patterns and Textures, My Designer Scarves Incorporate an Artful Approach to Print and Pattern Mixing. These Big Scarves, Long Scarves, and Extra Long Scarves can be Worn in a Zillion Ways... will Go Many Places... and Accessorize a Host of Outfits.

Wrap a Scarf Around the Neck Once... Twice... Three Times. Twist and Wear as a Belt, Obi, Shawl, or Turban. Let a Scarf Hang Freely and Straight from the Shoulders, or Belt at the Hip. Experiment!

L-R: Asian Motif Scarf FF, Scarf With Fringe JJ, Hand Printed Scarf GG

And So Easy Care, Too. No Need for Dry Cleaning. When the Time Comes, Simply Hand-Wash, Twist, Knot into a Ball, and Toss in the Dryer. Life is Easy!... and More Eco-Friendly, to Boot. The Look is Crinkly, Wrinkly, Frayed and Fringed . When not Being Worn, Store Twisted and Knotted in a Ball. Customize Your Look: Twist and Knot Snugly for a Narrower Scarf... Twist and Knot Loosely for a Wider Scarf!

L-R: Jungle Print Scarf F, Cornflower Scarf AA, Fringed Scarf KK

Wraps and Scarves of Vintage and Antique Lace, Textiles, and Hand Woven Fabrics are Also in the Mix.

Drape Yourself in Independent Style with Flair Artisanawear. Original Fashion Accessory Scarves, Made in the U.S.A .

Carol Tate

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2011 @ 16:15:54 EST by Artisanaworks
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Artisanaworks Blog Many Shades of Green ~ Artisanawear Scarves and Wraps