Tribal Ethnic Beaded Necklace  
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Tribal Ethnic Beaded Necklace

“Blue Frit Beads” Necklace: A Bit of Mystery and Intrigue Surrounds the Blue Beads in This Artisanawear Beaded Necklace.   These Beads Were Purchased Probably 10 Years Ago From an African Trader, Who Has Since Been Deported.  Although I Can Not Say With Absolute Certainty, I Believe These to be Blue Frit Beads.  I Have No Clue as to Their Age, Nor Origin.

Blue Frit, Also Called Egyptian Blue, Led to First Attempts at Producing Glazes and Glass.  Basically a Combination of Quartz Sand, Soda Ash, and Copper Heated to at Least 850 Degrees.  The Story Behind Blue Frit is Fascinating Reading, Taking One on Travels Through Egypt, Mesopotamia, Europe and the Mediterranean.

An Artisan Necklace, Ethnic and Tribal, and a Unique Fusion of Handmade Beads: Silver Metal Bicone Beads From Togo, Africa: Camel-Stems From An Old Kouchi Tribe Tassel, Small European Glass Beads, and Blue Frit Beads.  This Ethnic Accessories Jewelry Necklace has a Hand-Cast Sterling Silver Hook/Eye Clasp.
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  • Length:  19.75”
  • Price:  $495.00