Rustic Industrial Pillars and Rustic Display Plinth  
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Rustic Industrial Pillars and Rustic Display Plinth

So, the Space is Furnished in Rustic Vintage Industrial.  Carry out the Industrial Decor Theme Accessorizing with Decorative Table Top Pillars Created from Salvaged, Reclaimed Hardware, Up-Cycled Industrial Parts and Fittings, and a Host of Found Objects.

I've Rummaged Through my Stash of Vintage Lamp Parts, Furniture Parts, Springs, Washers, Bearings, Nuts and Bolts, and Other Interesting Objects to Select and Combine Aesthetically.  The Result - Decorative Pillars Displaying a History of Mechanics, Engineering, and Industry; A History of once Functioning Parts and Elements.

And the Rustic Industrial Look is Also Portrayed in the Base or Plinth used to Display These Pillars.  Originally, this Display Plinth was a Vintage Cast Steel Plate for Securing Rail Road Tracks.  I saw it as a Base for Display of Objets 'd Art, and Other Rustic, Industrial Objects.

Decorative Pillar with Meter Seals  $158.00
Measures:  4” x 22”
Industrial Pillar with Funnel Base  $138.00
Measures:  4.5” x 14.25”
Rustic Display Plinth or Base  3 Available  $38.50
Measures:  8.75” x 14” x 1”

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