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Marcel Duchamp Chocolate Grinder Print

This is a Rare 1972 Print by the N.Y. Graphic Society of Marcel Duchamp's 1914 Broyeuse de Chocolat, or Chocolate Grinder.  The Original Artwork, done in Oil with String, Resides in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Not only did Duchamp have a Fascination with Mechanics and Motion, but also a Fascination with Chocolate, as his Parents had Taken him, at an Early Age, to Tour a Chocolate Factory.  Duchamp is Best Known for his Nude Descending the Staircase Paintings.

Broyeuse de Chocolat pulls one in with it's Strong Graphic Composition and Presence.  This Print is Mounted to Board.  The Border of the Print Suffers from the Removal of  Some Rather Naughty Double-Stick Tape Which had been used in the Unprofessional Matting of the Print.  There are Several Straight, Light Colored Lines Against the Darker Background.  These Exist in the Original Painting.  There is, However, One Squiggly Mark, Centered, Near Lower Edge of the Print.  Although not a Deep Scratch, it is a Slight Flaw.  I Have not Attempted to Restore it in any way.

Matted and Framed Tastefully, and Professionally, this Duchamp Print Could Literally Make a Room.