African Hand Carved Figurative Stool  
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African Hand Carved Figurative Stool

This is an Early 20th c African Stool Hand Carved from one Piece of Wood by the Lobi  People of Burkina Faso, but also Residing in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.  A Wonderful Artwork with Humanistic Head and Limbs, and Carved Geometric Designs on the Seat of  the Stool.

A Versatile Antique African Piece to use as a Stool, a Stand or Short Table, or as a Statement Artwork in an Upright Position.  A Very Good, Quality Piece, Nicely Carved.

Antique African Lobi Carved Wood Stool  $525.00
Measures:  25" x 8.5" w  x 10"h

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