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Collection of Baskets

From Asia and the South Seas to Africa, an Array of Baskets and Woven Trays.  Pictured with a Close Cousin, Flavor-Wise.... an Indonesian Batik Wood Bowl.  See Antique Teak Wood Table in Accent Furniture Category.  From Top Center and Clockwise:

Woven Asian Trays:  Older Asian Woven Trays that Work Well as a Backdrop in an Arrangement of Décor.  18” and 20” diameter.  Set of Two  $ 16.50
Lidded Asian Basket:  Rectangular Hinged and Lidded Basket with Metal Clasp.  Split Reed and Reed with Strips of This Brass which is Stamped or Tooled with Designs.  5,5” x 11.5” x 7”h.  $18.50
Asian “Picnic Basket”:  Hinged Rectangular Basket with Handles and Metal Clasp.  Basket Resembles a Picnic Basket.  10.5” x 15” x 7”  $22.00
Indonesian Batik Bowl:  The Wax Resist Technique was used to create the Design on this Straw-Colored Wood Bowl.  A Surface Design Typical of Java, Indonesia and in Apricot-Rust, and Brown on Straw.  Very Well Executed and Great with Woven Basketry.  11.5” diam x 2.5”h  $ 46.50
Ugandan Coiled Basket:  Large, Shallow Bowl Shaped Basketry from Africa. Strong, Sturdy and Wonderful for Display.  17.5” diam x 4” deep.  $30.00
Twig Basket:  Rustic Little Twigs (Species Unknown, but Gnarly with Character) Make for this Handled Basket Lined with what may be Palm Leaves.  Basket is from the Philippines.  9.5”w x 8”h  $24.50
South Seas Basket:  A Light, Soft Basket in Sienna and Straw Colors, Square at the Base and Round at top. 10”diam x 7”h  $ 14.00

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