Zardozi Embroidery Wrap  
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Zardozi Embroidery Wrap

In: Gold, Silver, Black

Of: Flattened Silver Wire, Gold Plated Silver Wire, Embroidery on Old Velvet Fabric, Marabou Feathers, Vintage Rhinestone Button, Gold Lurex in Marabou Trim

Care: Do Not Launder or Dry Clean.  Spot Clean Only at Your Own Risk

Notes: A Fine Example of Old Zardozi Embroidery Which Originated in Persia, the Art of Which was Brought to India by the Turkish/Afghan Sultans in the 12th Century.  Embroidery Originally Done with Thin Gold and Silver Wire, Which Had Been Coiled or Flattened and Square Coiled, Then Sewn to Fabric in Embroidered Patterns.  Latter, Copper Wire was Plated with Gold and Silver in the Same Fashion.  The Art was Revived in 1947 in India, Which is Probably Where this Embroidered Zardozi was Made.  The Flattened Silver Wire in this Piece is Silver, and Reflects Tarnish in Some Areas; the Gold is Plated Silver Wire, Which May Mean it was Made Prior to the Substitute of Copper as the Base Metal.  It is at Least a Vintage Textile, and Perhaps an Antique, in Superb Condition. It may have Originally Been a Belt.

This Incredible Textile Embroidery  has been Recycled and Refashioned into an Elegant Evening Wear Wrap, Tapered, Lined and Trimmed in Marabou Feathers Sparked With Gold Lurex Threads.  The Closure in Front Incorporates a Rhinestone Vintage Button.  An Artisanawear Fashion Accessory for That Formal Gala Event.

Size: Embroidery is 1.75” in Width.  Marabou Extends Another 2” x 32” in Total Length

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