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Vintage Applique Wrap

In: Black

Of: Vintage Velvet Appliqué on a Vintage Silk Rep Fabric, Faceted Vintage Black Glass Beads, Black Silk Lining

Care: Specialty Dry Clean

Notes: This Fashion Accessory Evening Neck Scarf or Wrap is Fashioned From a Remnant of Vintage Velvet on Silk Appliqué. Neckline is Cut with Curve for a Tailored Fit, Then Flares Gradually Toward Ends, Which are Detailed With Vintage Faceted Glass Beads.  Can be Worn Hanging Straight Down From Shoulders, or Wrapped Once Around Neck.  Velvet Motif has a Matisse Like Whimsy with its Organic, Swirling Shapes.  

Size: 2” Wide at Neck and Flaring to 4.75” Wide at Ends x 50” in Length

Price: $165.00 $82.50 50% Off!