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KPM Porcelain Vase

This Vintage, Mid-Century Porcelain Vase was Produced in Berlin, Germany at KPM. The Body of the Vase was Designed by Hubert Griemert. This Stunning Vase is Glazed in a Glass-Like Cobalt Blue, and Floating Beneath are Dashes of Gold Luster.

I must have Taken 50 Shots, Hoping to get a Photo That Does This Vase Justice, but I had Little Luck. Although the Body of the Vase Has no Chips, Minor Surface Scratches Appear on the Glaze. KPM was Known for Employing Numerous Top-Notch Designers, Some of Which Designed the Body of a Piece...Others the Surface Design and Glaze...and Some did Both.

Several Vases of This Shape are Available, Time-to-Time, in a Solid White Glaze, but I Have Not Located Another With This Glaze. One Would Think, at First Glance, This Vase is Blown Glass, the Glaze has so much Depth.

Cobalt Blue KPM Vase  $245.00
Approx. 5.5” diam x 10.75”h.

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