Vintage Shoe Forms and Vintage Rubber Mold  
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Vintage Shoe Forms and Vintage Rubber Mold

An Unlikely Combination, You Say? Vintage Wooden Shoe Forms With a Vintage Hard Rubber Mold? Look at The Wonderful Shaping of the Wood. Look at the Rich Patina of Colors and Knicks From Age. Both Forms are Rather Solid and Organic, yet Structured. Now, the Calculated, Perfectly Round Rubber Mold, With Precise Matching of the Delicate Rays, Which Radiate out to Detailed, Lacey Little Fishies. ...and a Brown So Rich That it Recalls Rembrandt and the Masters. Contrasts in Shapes, in Form; Kinships in Color.

Wooden Shoe Form A (on Left)  $ 17.50
Wooden Shoe Form B (to Right)  $ 17.50
2-Piece Rubber Mold  $ 42.50

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