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Laotian Textile Runners


Left, is a Hand Woven Laotian Textile of Fine Cotton, and Embellished with Gold and Black Silk Threads on a Deep Red Ground.  Symbolic Ancestral Motifs are Woven in as a Supplementary Weave, Parallel to the Weft.  Hand Woven and Stitched by the Tai Deng Tribe as a Shawl, or Wrapper, but Lovely as a Table Runner or Hung Full Length Against a Wall as Decor.


Pictured on the Right is a Silk on Silk Textile of the Laotian Sam Neua Tribe.  Marigold Yellow and Black Silk Threads do a Continuous Supplementary Weft Weave in a Symmetrical Pattern, Across a Lighter Gold Panel of Silk. which is Traditional for This Tribe.  Lovely as Interior Decor Hung Against a Wall, Draped, or as a Table Runner.


Laotion Textile in Red  $60.00
Panel Measures:  15.25” x 92”
Laotian Silk Textile in Gold  $48.00
Silk Panel Measures:  15” x 83.5”

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